Brett Waterman Has Tons Of Friends, What About A Partner?

TV Host Brett Waterman

When it comes to being a celebrity, people are always curious to learn about their personal life. However, there are many who tend to keep everything under wraps. One such individual is host Brett Waterman. It is quite evident that he has a huge number of followers on his social media handles and updates them about his professional life.

But what about his personal life, or well, mostly about his marriage/partner? 

Does Waterman Have Someone Special In His Life?

It can be clearly seen that Waterman has many friends, but for some reason, he has refrained from sharing details about his private life. He does upload photos with multiple people, most of whom are either his colleagues or clients. 

However, he had once uploaded a picture with a lady named Melanie. As the captions of the post suggest, the duo had snuck out for a morning walk before the cameras started rolling. He further added that he loved the big pink Mission Revival in Redlands. 

In addition, the host happened to like a comment stating that the woman in the picture was a beauty. Nonetheless, Waterman has not revealed the relationship between the two.

Brett Waterman's morning walk

Formerly, an article was published back in March 2012 talking about a nurse named Melani Waterman from Ladner. She and her husband, who happened to be named Brett Waterman, gave birth to twins, Lukas and Charlotte, on October 6, 2011.

Although, there is not much proof to back up that the person mentioned in the news is indeed the TV host. So could it be Brett Waterman is, in fact, married and even has kids but has decided to keep them away from the media for their own safety?

Hopefully, the talented architectural designer will soon come forward and let his fans take a peek into his very exclusive life.

Often Posts About His Friends

As stated above, Waterman has no lack of friends in his life. One of his closest pals is Emily Sinclair. She is a realtor from Los Angeles. From doing voiceover work in a truck to filming, the duo share a lovely bond. 

Brett Waterman with his good friend

Alongside that, Waterman is also good friends with Diana, who can reproduce any vintage tile he wants. He is also close to Jen, the Restored Historian. 

Another person on Waterman's friends list is Lee Tosca. She is the project Manager on Restored. He is also friends with Bargain Mansions' Tamara Day and another HGTV star, Lauren Makk.

All in all, Waterman has enough ladies in his life, his sister being one of them.