Chris Krolow Is Married To His Work

CEO of Vision Properties Chris Krolow

Chris Krolow rose to popularity from HGTV's show Island Hunters. He has made his way across the globe, creating partnerships and eventually launching Private Islands Inc., a Toronto-based company. 

While many are eager to learn about his personal life, what is known about the CEO is that he is in a relationship with his work. 

Krolow And His Love For His Work

Krolow's affection for private islands grew when he was just 11. While visiting a family friend's cottage in Georgian Bay, Ontario, he persuaded his parents to let him camp overnight at the 3 small undeveloped islands, which were in the close vicinity. 

He barely slept because of the excitement of being on his own island

and had a recurring thought of how amazing it would be to feel this kind of exhilaration all the time.

He later was inspired to start a company thanks to that unforgettable moment alongside the realization that not just him but also many share his love for island life's simple pleasure.

Later, he shared his concept with David Keener, a developer, entrepreneur, and CEO of Vision Properties. 

What About Krolow's Personal Life?

While the lover of the private island's professional life is quite known, the same can not be said about his personal life. Despite being in the limelight for quite some time, he has yet to reveal details regarding his relationship or marital life.

Though he has shown multiple couples the luxuries and facilities of spending time on a private island, he has refrained from introducing his partner in real life.

Furthermore, even if Krolow has a significant other, it won't be much of a hassle for the couple to pay a couple thousand of bucks to spend a quality night in their private island.