Garett Bolles and His Wife Are College Sweethearts

Garrett Bolles wife

Garett Bolles became who he is today due to his hard work and support from loved ones. One person who never left his side, no matter what, is his loving wife, Natalie Bolles.

The Bolles couple has been together for quite some time. Did you know it was love at first sight for the Denver Broncos offensive tackle?

Bolles Met the Love of His Life at College

Bolles enrolled at Snow College on a football scholarship. His collegiate games were pretty amazing, and he was doing well. 

The college also became the place where he met someone special with whom he would spend the rest of his life.

In March 2015, Bolles attended Snow's "True Badger Night," a college dance program. He revealed to The Denver Post, "It’s a dance, and then you go into the bell tower and it’s a big kissing frenzy."

The first thing he saw was Natalie Williams, a pretty cheerleader, and another guy approaching her. She studied special education there. So, he swooped in with his best pickup line, saying, "Let me show you how a real man kisses."

That night, Bolles asked for her phone number, which she gave. But, he was skeptical that she had given him a fake number, which turned out to be a false assumption. They texted over the weekend, and he kept trying to see her again.

However, Natalie kept putting him off as she didn't know what to think of the imposing stranger, who had a voice so low that he scared her. Eventually, she agreed to meet him at her apartment.

Their First Date Went By Her Asking About His Life

Upon agreeing to meet Bolles at her apartment, Natalie googled him, and the first thing she saw was a mugshot of him. That made her question her decision to meet him. But she gave it a shot as her roommates were at home.

That night, Natalie asked him to tell her about his life, hoping she would get to know the story behind the mugshot. So, he spent about two hours telling her his life story, and it even made her cry. Over the course of time, the couple got to know one another.

In June 2015, the offensive tackle got down on one knee and popped the question to her. Then, on December 12, 2015, the lovebirds exchanged the vows. Ever since the married pair have been enjoying their marital bliss. 

A Happy Family of Four

In June 2016, Bolles's wife shared a collage of an ultrasound picture of her holding a small baby shoe as he hugged her from behind. In the caption, she wrote, "Baby Bolles Coming January 8th 2017."

In December 2016, the couple welcomed their first child, Kingston Bolles arrived. She shared the happy news on her Instagram. Then, in September 2018, she uploaded a photo with her husband and son and revealed about her pregnancy. 

Mrs. Bolles penned in the caption, "I always thought I would be a “boy mom” but it looks like I need a baby girl in my life Baby girl Bolles coming March 2019!."

Then, finally, in March 2019, their second child, Ariyah Evelyn Bolles, arrived.

Garrett Bolles and his wife have two kids.

The family of four has been living a wonderful life. Bolles and Natalie have been raising their kids with immense love and care.