Has Julie Neis Got Someone In Life Whom She Loves More Than Food?

Julie Neis husband

It is a well-known fact that Julie Neis loves eating in Paris. Apart from living there for a couple of years, she has been visiting there and enjoying the place's delicious cuisine.

However, has the blogger got someone special in her life whom she loves more than food?

Julie Neis' Relationship Status

A quick glance through Neis' social media handles lets her fans know that the American blogger loves Paris' food. She has posted it all, from sharing photos of mouth-watering dishes to places where one can hang out.

Although one thing she rarely talks about is her relationship status. While one of her Instagram handles shows her affection for delicacies, her other Instagram account is rather private. 

Nothing much can be extracted from her public account besides her relationship with food. But a closer look at her Facebook suggests the beautiful lady was previously in a relationship.

Neis often uploaded photos with her then-partner back in 2008. The duo seemed to be close. Nevertheless, she did not share a lot besides a couple of snaps with her then-beau.

Humorously, she once uploaded a photo with one of her friends named Mike Lazarri, captioning, "night 2 in ny...got engaged! great night! (sic)"

Hopefully, the food lover will someday reveal her partner, whom she will love more than food.

Neis' Love For Food Is Quite Visible

People who mostly know the beautiful lady are because of her affiliation with delicious dishes. She is popular for her blog, "Paris Food Affair." The blog is for the people who are France-obsessed and food-obsessed and folks who love both.

She enjoyed living five years in Paris and 1 year near Beaujolais. She is currently based in the US. However, Neis visits France 3 to 4 times a year, especially in summer when she resides there for a month or two.

Formerly, she hosted "A Parisian Food Affair with Julie Neis" on Recipe.TV, which she still considers a dream come true. She has also published a book "Eat Like a Local," in partnership with Bloomsbury Publishing.

Nonetheless, she has been dormant for some time now. Her last post on Instagram was back in October 2023, where she had posted something a year ago before that in September.

Hopefully, she will continue posting again soon and share her deep affection for food with her thousands of followers.