Rohan Oza Doesn't Have a Wife But Had a Girlfriend

Rohan Oza wife

Aptly nicknamed the "Hollywood Brandfather," Rohan Oza has cemented himself as the go-to guy for celebrity branding.

Having been at the helm of 50 Cent's wildly successful collaboration with Vitamin Water, Oza is no stranger to transforming A-list celebrities' branding partnerships into pure gold. 

Doesn't Have a Girlfriend

Oza's brands aren't the only thing on the market! "I am single," the Shark Tank star reveals. He also is a world traveler, having been to at least 50 countries.

As for his favorite place to escape for some well-deserved R&R? An overwater bungalow in the Maldives or on an African safari. "You guys go to Disneyland, we went to go look at animals in the wild!" Oza teases. Where do we sign up?

He wasn't looking for a relationship for PR purposes but is serious about settling down. When asked if he was ready to date or get married, he opted for the latter option. He further hinted that since his breakup, he hasn't dated seriously. 

However, Oza was on a date at Soho House when he was in Mumbai in 2019.

Oza's Past Love Life

Oza was rumored to be dating Sarah Hallock, with whom he was first spotted together at an art exhibition in Montauk in 2015. 

They attended a few dance parties that he was known to throw every once in a while. However, their relationship was never confirmed.

Oza's Former Girlfriend Is an Entrepreneur

Sarrah Hallock is the co-founder and COO of THE WELL — your one-stop shop for wellness. Prior to her career in the health & wellness sector, Sarrah spent 20 years helping turn consumer products into household names, from Brand Director for Vitaminwater to investor and VP of Marketing for Bai and WTRMLN WTR.

Rohan Oza former girlfriend
Rohan Oza was rumored to be dating Sarah Hallock.​​​​​

She’s an advisor and/or investor to various consumer brands, including POP & BOTTLE, Health-Ade Kombucha, and Vital Proteins. She has been featured in BloombergWSJ, and New York Magazine. Sarrah is also an Integrative Health Coach and Nutritionist.

Sarah holds a B.A in international relations & economics from Simmons College. She also studied International Relations and affairs at Bunka Gakuen University in Tokyo, Japan.